Adopt a Department – Adopt an Officer

Are you interested in Adopting a Department?

We’re looking for folks like you to join us in our mission of spreading appreciation to our nation's officers.

Here’s what it means to Adopt a Department and how you can be involved.

Adopting a Department starts with an organizer; someone who spreads the word of our mission to their entire community. It’s simple. We set up a contribution page just for your local Police and/or Sheriffs departments, then you send everyone you can to that page to make a contribution. You’ll post in groups, forums, pages, websites, and anywhere else you can find others who support our mission.

The special page that we build for your local department will be a contribution page. We set a goal based on the size of the department, then you and others try to reach that goal. Once the goal is met, we’ll prepare the packages and send them to the department.

To inquire about organizing to adopt a department in your community, fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to discuss the opportunity more.

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